Forex Trading Tools Free: A Comprehensive Review


Forex trading has grown to become one of the most popular investment opportunities globally. The accessibility and convenience of trading currency online have made it an attractive option for both novice and experienced traders. However, the volatile nature of the market requires a well-informed strategy that is backed by reliable and effective tools. In this article, we will review some of the best free forex trading tools that traders can use to help them make more informed decisions.

Free Trading Platforms

One of the most significant decisions traders make is choosing a reliable trading platform. A trading platform is essentially the trader's portal to the forex market. It provides access to real-time market data, price charts, technical indicators, and other essential tools for executing trades and managing accounts. The following are some of the best free trading platforms in forex:

MT4 is the most popular trading platform in forex. The platform has been around for over a decade and is trusted by millions of traders worldwide. MT4 provides tools like charting, technical analysis, automated trading, and more. The platform can be downloaded for free from just about any broker.

MT5 is the next-generation trading platform from MetaQuotes Software, designed to succeed its predecessor, MT4. The platform has a more advanced set of features than MT4, including more robust charting and analysis tools. However, some traders still prefer MT4 over MT5 because of its ease of use and familiarity.

cTrader is another popular trading platform. The platform offers a wide range of technical indicators, trading tools, and customization options. cTrader is also highly customizable, allowing traders to create and implement their own technical indicators and automated trading strategies.

Forex Charts and Analysis

Forex charts and analysis tools are critical parts of forex trading. They help traders understand and interpret market trends and patterns, which are essential for making informed trading decisions. The following are some of the best free forex charts and analysis tools:

TradingView is a popular and widely-used platform for charting and analysis. The platform offers a wide range of indicators, charting tools, and analysis capabilities. The platform also allows traders to create customized scripts and indicators, and share them with other traders.

Myfxbook is primarily a social trading platform. However, it also provides traders with a suite of charting and analysis tools. The platform offers an economic calendar, a market analysis tool, and a position sizing calculator. is one of the most popular financial news and analysis platforms. The platform provides traders with real-time market data, economic calendars, and news updates. The platform also offers a wealth of technical analysis tools, including charting, indicators, and more.

Trading Signals and Strategies

Forex trading signals and strategies are tools traders use to help them make more informed trading decisions. These tools offer insights into market trends, patterns, and potential price movements. The following are some of the best free forex trading signals and strategies:

ForexFactory is one of the largest forex forums in the world. The platform offers a range of trading signals and strategies, including forums, blogs, and news updates. The platform also has a trading calendar to help traders stay up to date on important market-moving events.

BabyPips is one of the most popular forex education websites worldwide. The platform offers a variety of trading signals and strategies to help traders hone their skills. The website features a school section that can help traders understand the basics of forex trading and develop their trading strategies.

Pivot points are a powerful tool used by traders to identify potential price levels for entering or exiting trades. FXCM offers a free Pivot Points Strategy, which provides traders with pivot point levels based on the prior day's price action.

Education and Tutorials

Forex education and tutorials are some of the most valuable resources for novice traders. Comprehensive education can help traders understand the intricacies of forex trading, develop profitable trading strategies, and avoid common pitfalls. The following are some of the best free forex education and tutorial resources:

Babypips School of Pipsology is one of the most comprehensive forex education resources available. The platform provides a range of tutorials, including a beginner's guide, trading psychology, technical analysis, and more.

DailyFX is a forex news and analysis platform that offers a wealth of educational resources. The platform offers expert market analysis, trading guides, and webinars. DailyFX provides traders with valuable insights into the fundamentals of forex trading.

Nial Fuller's Learn To Trade The Market is a comprehensive website that offers a range of forex trading education and resources. The platform provides traders with a variety of tutorial videos, including market analysis, trading psychology, and more.

Risk Management Tools

Finally, risk management is an essential component of successful trading. Managing your risks is vital to minimizing the impact of losses and protecting profits. The following are some of the best free forex risk management tools:

A position size calculator is a critical tool for managing risk. It calculates the appropriate position size based on the trader's account balance, risk tolerance, and stop-loss distance. DailyFX provides a free position size calculator that traders can use to help them manage their risks.

Stop-loss orders are used by traders to limit losses. They are placed at a pre-determined price level and automatically close the trade when the price hits that level. Stop-loss orders are essential for managing risk and protecting profits.

The ATR (Average True Range) Stop Loss Indicator is a tool that helps traders set stop-loss orders based on market volatility. The indicator calculates the average range of price movements over a specified period, allowing traders to set stop-loss orders at a level that reflects the current market volatility.


Forex trading is a challenging, yet rewarding investment opportunity. With the right tools, traders can make more informed decisions, protect themselves against losses, and maximize their profits. The above-reviewed forex trading tools are some of the best free options available. However, they are just the tip of the iceberg. As traders continue to grow and develop in their trading journey, they will likely come across other valuable tools and resources. The key is to use these tools in combination with sound trading strategies and risk management principles to achieve success in forex trading.